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Three Wine Company is a beacon of family-driven, sustainable winemaking, deeply rooted in the rich soils and the intimate community of the Clarksburg AVA. At the helm of this endeavor is winemaker Matt Cline, whose winemaking philosophy is grounded in the belief that the essence of great wine begins with the dirt, is shaped by the micro-climate, and is brought to fruition through sustainable practices from vineyard to bottle.

This philosophy is a mantra and a lived experience for visitors to the Three Wine Company tasting room, where the boundary between winemaker and wine enthusiast dissolves. Here, the winemaking process is an open book, with facilities integrated into the visitor experience, allowing guests an up-close and personal look at the journey from grape to glass. Matt Cline, a dedicated vintner with over 30 years in the industry, remains personally involved in sampling each vineyard’s yield, emphasizing a hands-on approach that reflects his commitment to quality and authenticity.

Matt’s partnership with his wife and business companion, Erin, brings a harmonious blend of expertise. Erin, managing the tasting room and overseeing online sales and the business side, works with Matt to shape the vision and future of Three Wine Company. Together, they curate the wines and the entire winemaking experience, from naming and labeling to selecting the varietals that will grace their portfolio.

Three Wine Company is also passionately dedicated to preserving and promoting California’s historic varietals, such as Zinfandel, Mataro (Mourvèdre), and Carignane. In a notable conservation act, Matt Cline, in collaboration with the City of Oakley and a coalition of environmental and historical enthusiasts, successfully protected a historic vineyard that now plays a crucial role in several of Three Wine Company’s signature wines. This vineyard represents a piece of California’s winemaking heritage and serves as a living example of sustainable agricultural practices.

Located in the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA, Three Wine Company offers a distinctive wine-tasting experience that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the winemaking world. From the ambiance of the tasting room, surrounded by barrels and tanks, to enjoying a glass of wine in the galleria, guests are encouraged to savor Matt Cline’s passion for the three pillars of his winemaking philosophy.

Matt Cline’s journey into winemaking is as rich and varied as the wines he creates. From his early days at Cline Cellars, where he honed his unique style, to his innovative work with Trinitas Cellars and the award-winning S3x brand, Matt has continuously pushed the boundaries of traditional winemaking. Today, he focuses on cultivating and blending historic California varietals, championing a diverse and sustainable approach to winemaking that honors the past while looking to the future.

Erin Cline, with her extensive hospitality background and deep love for Zinfandel, has been an integral part of Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (ZAP), contributing significantly to the promotion and preservation of this iconic varietal. Together, Matt and Erin Cline embody the spirit of Three Wine Company, blending their passions, expertise, and love for winemaking into a family winery that celebrates the rich heritage and vibrant community of the Clarksburg AVA.





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Three Wine Company

35265 Willow Ave
Clarksburg, California 95612

Open Thursday & Friday
12 noon to 4:30 pm

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