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Silt Wine Company, a testament to the rich heritage and bountiful terroir of the Clarksburg AVA, invites you on a journey through the heart of California’s wine country. Here, the fertile silt soils of Clarksburg nurture a legacy of viticulture that has sustained families for generations, producing fruits that have graced wine regions throughout the state.

The creators behind the acclaimed Muddy Boot Wine have surpassed themselves, unveiling Silt Wine Company as a beacon of sophistication and elegance. With a firm commitment to celebrating the essence of Clarksburg, Silt Wine Company is a proud ambassador of this unique viticultural area. Their mission is simple yet profound: to share the joys and delights of Clarksburg with every wine enthusiast.

At the core of Silt Wine Company’s philosophy is a deep reverence for the Clarksburg AVA—a gem nestled within the Sacramento area. The winery aims to illuminate the exceptional quality of grapes and wines from this fertile land. Every bottle they craft is a homage to the passion of Clarksburg’s farmers, the generosity of the Delta soil, and a pledge to let the fruit shine unobscured by the winemaking process.

The Clarksburg AVA, a haven of unspoiled beauty, is a tapestry of sprawling vineyards, ancient oak trees, and picturesque wineries, all set against the backdrop of the serene Delta. Just a stone’s throw from Sacramento, Clarksburg offers an intimate glimpse into the Sacramento area’s finest wine-tasting and touring experiences. Esteemed not only within California but also in wider circles, the Clarksburg AVA is celebrated for its ability to produce grapes and wines of exceptional quality consistently. The unique climatic conditions of warm summer days and cool Delta breezes at night create a perfect environment for cultivating a wide array of grape varietals.

Silt Wine Company is more than a winery; it is an invitation to explore and experience the vibrancy of Clarksburg life and beauty. With bespoke tours and tastings designed to enchant and educate, the winery is dedicated to ensuring that each visit is memorable and engaging. The hope is that your experience at Silt Wine Company will leave a lasting impression and inspire return visits, drawing you back to the heart of Clarksburg repeatedly.

As you uncork a bottle of Silt Wine Company’s finest, you’re not just tasting wine; you’re partaking in the legacy of a community deeply connected to its land. Here, every glass celebrates Clarksburg’s rich soil, its dedicated farmers, and the timeless bond between land and vine. Welcome to Silt Wine Company, where every sip is a journey through the essence of Clarksburg.





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