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Scott Harvey Wines

Scott Harvey Wines stands as a beacon in the world of winemaking, weaving together the rich tapestry of Scott Harvey’s life-long passion, European finesse, and the unmistakable character of California’s terroir. From the verdant vineyards of Amador County to the historic wine cellars of Rhineland Pfalz, Scott’s journey in winemaking is a story of love, heritage, and an indomitable spirit to craft wines that resonate with enthusiasts worldwide.

The seeds of Scott’s winemaking journey were sown in the lush landscapes of Amador County, nurtured by the homemade wines of his step-grandfather and the fertile grounds of their family estate. Yet, his formative years spent as a foreign exchange student in the heart of Germany’s wine country truly ignited his passion for winemaking. Immersed in the traditions of a warm winemaking family, Scott experienced a pivotal moment that would chart the course of his future. The realization that wine could be a transcendent expression of place and tradition led him back to Germany to formally study winemaking, setting a new standard for his aspirations.

Upon returning to California, Scott’s ambition was not merely to participate in the winemaking tradition but to elevate Amador County to a stature befitting its potential. His pursuit led him through various wineries, perfecting his craft until a mentorship under Dr. Richard Peterson in Napa Valley offered him an unparalleled opportunity. There, Scott’s creation of Menage a Trois marked a significant achievement, yet his heart remained anchored in the soils of Amador County.

The turning point in Scott’s winemaking saga came when circumstances allowed him to refocus his dreams on the land that first inspired him. It was during this period that Jana entered his life. Her expertise in sales and marketing and a shared vision for creating a distinguished wine company made her an ideal partner. Together, they embarked on a remarkable venture, intertwining their talents and dreams to produce wines that testify to their passion and dedication.

Scott Harvey Wines is more than a winery; it fulfills a dream that spans continents and generations. Each bottle encapsulates the essence of Scott’s journey – from the adolescent who marveled at the connection between grape and glass in a German vineyard to the visionary winemaker who aspires to showcase Amador County on the world stage. Scott and Jana’s collaboration has produced exquisite wines and cultivated an environment where quality, tradition, and innovation intersect.

As we savor the exquisite offerings of Scott Harvey Wines, we’re invited to partake in their journey, celebrating the milestones achieved and the intimate moments that life offers. Their wines embody the confluence of passion, heritage, and excellence, promising an experience that enriches the soul and delights the palate. Join us in toasting to a future where every sip continues to unfold the rich narrative of Scott Harvey Wines, one bottle at a time.









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