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Lambeth Family Vineyards

Nestled within the rising Clarksburg American Viticultural Area (AVA), Lambeth Family Vineyards emerges as a beacon of viticultural excellence and sustainable farming. This picturesque estate, sprawled along the tranquil stretches of the Sacramento River near Clarksburg, California, epitomizes John and Carson Lambeth’s dream to embrace a life intertwined with nature, grape cultivation, and winemaking.

The discovery of their idyllic location, a stone’s throw from the historic Freeport Bridge, marked the beginning of a remarkable journey into viticulture. Drawn by the fertile soils and the optimal climate conditions the Sacramento River Delta provided, the Lambeths were convinced of the potential to produce wines of extraordinary quality. The establishment of Screeching Owl Ranch on 26 lush acres within the Clarksburg AVA was a testament to their commitment and passion for the land.

Starting as grape growers, John and Carson embraced a philosophy of prioritizing quality over quantity, which set the foundation for their success. By focusing their efforts on cultivating Petite Sirah, Albariño, and later Tempranillo, they refined their farming techniques, ensuring that each vine received meticulous attention and care. This hands-on approach allowed for the expert selection of grapes at peak ripeness, underscoring the Lambeths’ dedication to excellence.

For years, the fruits of their labor were sought after by prestigious Napa Valley wineries, a testament to the high quality of their grapes. However, the realization that their produce was not just remarkable but exceptional led to a pivotal moment: the decision to produce wine under the Lambeth Family Vineyards label. Today, the winery focuses on crafting single-variety, single-vineyard wines that truly embody the unique terroir of the Sacramento Delta, with a particular emphasis on Albariño and Petite Sirah.

Screeching Owl Ranch, the heart of Lambeth Family Vineyards, is more than just a name; it represents the symbiotic relationship between nature and winemaking. Inspired by the nocturnal melodies of owls, the ranch symbolizes the harmony achieved when nature is respected and integrated into viticultural practices. This ethos is further exemplified by the Lambeths’ innovative approach to vine cultivation, which ensures concentrated and flavorful grapes by limiting the number of clusters per vine.

Understanding the crucial role owls play in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, Lambeth Family Vineyards has installed owl boxes throughout the property. These boxes provide a sanctuary for owls, attracting them to reside within the vineyard and serve as natural pest controllers. By relying on these feathered guardians, the Lambeths can minimize the use of synthetic pesticides, promoting a healthier, more sustainable vineyard environment.

Lambeth Family Vineyards stands as a testament to the vision and perseverance of John and Carson Lambeth. Through their unique approach to vineyard management and their commitment to sustainability, they have not only crafted exceptional wines but also fostered a vineyard ecosystem that thrives in harmony with nature. This commitment to quality, sustainability, and natural balance is what makes Lambeth Family Vineyards a jewel of the Clarksburg AVA, inviting wine lovers to experience the purest expression of their dedication and passion.







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