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In the heart of the Sacramento River Delta, south of Clarksburg, CA, Kirchhoff Family Wines is a beacon of viticultural passion and dedication. The fertile soils and idyllic climate of the Clarksburg Appellation form the perfect cradle for their vineyards, fostering robust vine growth by day and allowing a soothing Delta breeze to refresh the vines at night. This unique environment is integral to producing wines of unparalleled quality, a reflection of the Kirchhoff family’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

For the Kirchhoffs, growing grapes transcends mere occupation; a deep-seated passion propels them to achieve the highest quality possible. Their “hands-on” approach to viticulture is evident in every aspect of their estate vineyards, which are meticulously pruned, picked, and tended by hand. Embracing dry farming techniques, the family seeks to draw out the purest expression of their land while adhering to organic and sustainable practices to ensure its preservation for generations to come.

However, the Kirchhoffs adopt a “hands-off” philosophy when it comes to winemaking. Eschewing the addition of sugars, acids, or tannins and favoring spontaneous fermentation without added yeasts, their method prioritizes minimal intervention. This approach yields a wine that is pure and natural and a proud emblem of the Kirchhoff name.

The Kirchhoff family’s dedication to sustainability extends to their pioneering use of dry farming techniques, especially poignant during California’s severe droughts. By relying on natural rainfall and groundwater and preceding irrigation, they not only conserve precious water resources but also encourage their vines to produce smaller, sweeter, and brimming with character grapes. This struggle and resilience imbue their grapes with distinctive qualities, leading to wines that are sustainable and exceptional in flavor and depth.

The family’s journey to establishing their vineyard operation is a tale of persistence and passion. Craig Dee Kirchhoff, alongside his wife Nancy, embarked on this venture with a profound respect for the land, a trait passed down to their children Clayton, Casey, and Emma. Starting in 1997 with the encouragement of the Bogle Family, the Kirchhoffs planted their first vineyard, laying the foundation for what would become a celebrated source of Chardonnay and other varietals.

In 2008, the family’s dream expanded with purchasing an 18-acre estate, which they promptly planted with various grapevines. The fruits of these vines culminated in their inaugural wines in 2013, marking a significant milestone in the Kirchhoff family’s winemaking journey. With his intuitive connection to the vineyards, Craig Kirchhoff stands as a testament to the power of observation and experience in cultivating exceptional wines.

Kirchhoff Family Wines embodies the essence of community, stewardship, and love for the art of winemaking. Each bottle is not just a product but a story of a family’s dedication to preserving the beauty and bounty of their land while delivering wines of the highest quality and sustainability. Cheers to the Kirchhoff family, who invite you to savor the taste of their passion and commitment with every sip.









Kirchhoff Family Wines

36265 Willow Ave
Clarksburg CA 95612

Open Saturdays & Sundays
11 am to 5 pm

We are also available for private tastings and tours 7 days a week at the Home Ranch location by reservation.

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