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Grand Island Vineyard

Nestled on the scenic banks off State Highway 160, Grand Island Vineyards (GIV) is a testament to the Salman family’s enduring legacy in viticulture. With a history that spans over 45 years of grape cultivation, the family’s venture into the winery business was a natural progression, culminating in the opening of their winery facility. This picturesque venue, designed for tastings, weddings, and events, also serves as a hub for wine enthusiasts to purchase their exquisite wines.

Spanning over 450 acres, GIV boasts a rich tapestry of vineyards planted with an impressive array of grape varieties. From the crisp notes of Chardonnay and the floral elegance of Gewurztraminer to the bold richness of Cabernet Sauvignon, the vineyard is a cornucopia of flavors. The estate is further adorned by pear orchards, adding a charming contrast to the rows of vines and enriching the landscape’s beauty.

The Salman family’s journey in agriculture began in the 1920s when Mujiko Salman, a Croatian immigrant, laid down roots along the fertile delta, cultivating tomatoes and asparagus. It was in 1969 that Enver Salman, Mujiko’s son, planted the first wine grapes, marking the genesis of what would become a venerable wine-producing legacy. Today, Enver, alongside his wife Cynthia and their son Joe Salman, a California Polytechnic State University graduate, spearhead the vineyard and winery operations with a blend of tradition and innovation.

Prior to establishing their own brand, the Salmans garnered acclaim by supplying premium wine grapes to renowned wineries across California. Their dedication to excellence was epitomized in the creation of Sutter Island Red, their first commercial wine, followed by a series of varietal wines under the Bridgehead brand. This name honors the historic Steamboat Slough Bridge, a symbol of resilience and heritage that overlooks the winery.

As stewards of the land, the Salmans are deeply committed to sustainable viticulture, a principle that is at the heart of GIV’s operations. Certified by the California Rules Sustainable Winegrowing Program, the vineyard adheres to a comprehensive set of practices aimed at minimizing environmental impact and enhancing biodiversity. This commitment ensures that every bottle of GIV wine is not just a product of the land but a tribute to responsible and sustainable farming.

Grand Island Vineyards is not just a winery; it’s a vibrant community member, actively involved in the Clarksburg Growers & Vintners Association and other regional initiatives. By participating in the Sacramento River Delta Grown and its Delta Farm and Winery Trail Guide, GIV plays a pivotal role in promoting the region’s viticultural excellence and its commitment to sustainable practices.

In every aspect, Grand Island Vineyards embodies a passion for winemaking, a dedication to sustainability, and a deep respect for the land and community. For wine lovers, a visit to GIV offers more than just a tasting experience; it’s an invitation to be part of a legacy that celebrates the harmony between nature and the art of wine.




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