Clarksburg Winery Collective

Wine Industry Experts on Inclusion, Gen Z Marketing & Sustainability

Wine Industry Experts on Inclusion, Gen Z Marketing & Sustainability

Few things are as synonymous to California as the art of wine and winemaking. At its heart, the industry employs hundreds of thousands of people, generates billions of revenue for the state and nation’s economies, and produces a beverage beloved around the world. But it still has strides to make when it comes to inclusion and representation, as well as adapting to the evolving market and innovating for the future.

Elevation Ten – Winery Ambience and Award-Winning Wines

Elevation Ten Winery

Established in 2009, Elevation Ten Winery offers handcrafted artisanal wines and a unique wine tasting experience for guests. Proprietors Bob and Don Clark, Andy Wallace and Dominic and Rina DiMare have created the perfect blend of award-winning wines and a rejuvenating getaway to appeal to every guest.

Sneak away to the Old Sugar Mill

Old Sugar Mill

Just 40 minutes outside of Lodi, between the Sacramento River and sprawling vineyards, there is a little-known ‘daycation,’ where visitors have discovered eight wineries within a partially renovated sugar mill. It’s historic, elegant and totally unique.

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