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Bump City Wine Co.: A Melodic Celebration of Music and Wine

Bump City Wine Company

Step into the harmonious world of Bump City Wine Co., a Sonoma-based winery that seamlessly blends the art of music with the art of winemaking. Founded by Tower of Power keyboardist Roger Smith, the winery is the culmination of his passion for both music and wine, and the joy that comes from sharing those passions with others. Starting as a small endeavor crafting wine for family and friends, Bump City Wine Co. has grown into a celebration of the synergy between music and wine. With their flagship Bordeaux-style wine, 2012 Bump City Red, the winery has garnered accolades and established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of wine. Join Bump City Wine Co. on their melodic journey and experience the melody that unfolds when passions unite.

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