Clarksburg Winery Collective

Wine Industry Experts on Inclusion, Gen Z Marketing & Sustainability

Wine Industry Experts on Inclusion, Gen Z Marketing & Sustainability

Few things are as synonymous to California as the art of wine and winemaking. At its heart, the industry employs hundreds of thousands of people, generates billions of revenue for the state and nation’s economies, and produces a beverage beloved around the world. But it still has strides to make when it comes to inclusion and representation, as well as adapting to the evolving market and innovating for the future.

Sacramento Delta Wineries Launch New Venture: The Clarksburg Winery Collective

Clarksburg Winery Collective

Clarksburg Winery Collective is thrilled to announce the formation of a new venture aimed at marketing and promoting the Clarksburg wine region and its wineries. This collaborative initiative will strengthen the reputation and profile of the Clarksburg AVA (American Viticulture Area), bringing attention to its award-winning wines, family-farmed vineyards and the beautiful Sacramento Delta.

Heringer Estates Winery: Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainably Grown in Clarksburg

The Heringer family has been farming in Clarksburg, a small town outside of Sacramento, since 1868. Having lived off the land for six generations, they truly understand the importance of sustainable farming and winemaking.

How the Old Sugar Mill Became a River-bound Wine Citadel

Old Sugar Mill

Spring skies are sparkling against the river near a stone megalith that’s tucked into scrubby cottonwoods along the North Delta. This Depression-era relic is known as the Old Sugar Mill. It was once a vault of broken glass and web-swept bricks that loomed behind quiet waterways. Now it’s a consortium of boutique wineries showcasing California’s very best vineyards fed by river wind.

Elevation Ten – Winery Ambience and Award-Winning Wines

Elevation Ten Winery

Established in 2009, Elevation Ten Winery offers handcrafted artisanal wines and a unique wine tasting experience for guests. Proprietors Bob and Don Clark, Andy Wallace and Dominic and Rina DiMare have created the perfect blend of award-winning wines and a rejuvenating getaway to appeal to every guest.

Wine & Spirits: Clarksburg Wine Country

Clarksburg Wine Country

Just 15 minutes from Sacramento, this undiscovered, unhurried wine region in the California Delta feels like a world away. A rich farming region that runs alongside the winding Sacramento River, the Delta is full of pear orchards, grape vines, small towns, and California history. A delta breeze travels up the river from San Francisco Bay to cool the region’s grapes at night. Chenin Blanc, Petite Sirah, Viognier and Chardonnay grapes grow well here.

Winery Spotlight: Bogle Vineyards

Bogle Vineyards

The Bogle family didn’t start out growing grapes. Six generations of the family have been farming in the California Delta since the late 1870s. As to their start in the wine business, Jody Bogle, director of public relations for Bogle Vineyards, shares that her grandfather Warren was an award-winning corn farmer, but wanted to switch to a crop that didn’t require replanting every year.

Old Sugar Mill Once Produced Thousands of Tons of Sugar

Old Sugar Mille

While the Old Sugar Mill may be a destination for wine tastings, it was once a sugar beet processing plant that made granulated and bulk liquid sugar for nearly 60 years.

A monthly celebration at the Sugar Mill started today with its “Farm to Fork Uncorked!” event. Tickets for specific events — taking place each weekend — are available at the Mill itself or through it’s website.

Chenin Blanc is Clarksburg’s Calling Card

Chenin Blanc is Clarksburg’s Calling Card

Chenin Blanc is the primary white wine grape grown in the Clarksburg American Viticultural Area near Sacramento. If you’re not familiar with Chenin Blanc, take the drive along the Sacramento River through Walnut Grove and Locke (stop at Al the Wop’s for a cheeseburger) to the Old Sugar Mill. There, you’ll find 11 tasting rooms under one roof, some offering nice examples of one of the world’s most versatile wine grapes. It can be made in dry, off-dry, sweet and sparkling styles.

Clarksburg AVA the Little Wine-growing Region that Could

Clarksburg AVA the Little Wine-growing Region that Could

Established as an American Viticultural Area in 1985, Clarksburg is marked by its location along the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, which pulls in ocean breezes and creates a cool maritime climate. Fertile, low-draining soils allow the little wine region to produce 45,000 tons of grapes each year. Here the “heritage grapes” are the crisp Chenin Blanc and the bold, chewy Petite Sirah — varieties that produce excellent stand-alone wines, but also excel as blending varietals.

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