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Bump City Wine Co.: A Melodic Celebration of Music and Wine

Step into the harmonious world of Bump City Wine Co., a Sonoma-based winery that seamlessly blends the art of music with the art of winemaking. Founded by Tower of Power keyboardist Roger Smith, the winery is the culmination of his passion for both music and wine, and the joy that comes from sharing those passions with others. Starting as a small endeavor crafting wine for family and friends, Bump City Wine Co. has grown into a celebration of the synergy between music and wine. With their flagship Bordeaux-style wine, 2012 Bump City Red, the winery has garnered accolades and established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of wine. Join Bump City Wine Co. on their melodic journey and experience the melody that unfolds when passions unite.

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Getting to Know Bump City Wine Co

Welcome to Bump City Wine Co, where music, wine, and friendship come together to create an unforgettable experience. This Sonoma-based wine company was founded by Roger Smith, a longtime keyboardist for Tower of Power, who has seamlessly combined his love for music with his passion for winemaking.

The Bridge of music, wine, and friendship

Bump City Wine Co was born out of Roger Smith’s desire to create good wine and share it with friends. What started as a casual endeavor among family and friends soon evolved into a celebration of music, wine, and the harmonious blend that occurs when these passions come together. Smith’s vision was to create a bridge between music, wine, and friendship, where people can come together to enjoy the smooth melodies of good wine.

Transforming a casual endeavor into a wine company

From its humble beginnings of making wine for loved ones, Bump City Wine Co has grown into a full-fledged wine company. In 2014, the company was officially launched, with its flagship Bordeaux-style wine, the 2012 Bump City Red. What started as a passion project quickly gained recognition and popularity, leading to the birth of Bump City Wine Co.

The birth of Bump City Wine Co

The creation of Bump City Wine Co resulted from the collaboration between Roger Smith and his longtime friend and business partner, Mike Smolich. The duo’s enthusiasm for winemaking and shared love for music led them to embark on this exciting venture. With their combined expertise, Roger and Mike have created a wine company that produces exceptional wines and celebrates the harmonious connection between music and wine.

Bump City Wine

Bump City Wine Co’s Founder- Roger Smith

Roger Smith’s musical journey with Tower of Power

Before delving into the world of winemaking, Roger Smith made a name for himself as the keyboardist for the iconic band Tower of Power. Countless performances and collaborations with renowned artists have marked his musical journey. Smith’s experiences in the music industry have undoubtedly influenced his approach to winemaking, as he seeks to create wines that are as smooth and soulful as the music he plays.

Smith’s inception of a winemaking hobby

Roger Smith’s passion for winemaking began as a hobby. He started making wine for family and friends, exploring different grape varieties, and experimenting with flavors. As his winemaking expertise grew, Smith realized that he had stumbled upon something truly special. This hobby soon turned into a full-blown passion and ultimately led to the creation of Bump City Wine Co.

The synergetic blend of Smith’s love for music and wine

The founding of Bump City Wine Co beautifully merges Roger Smith’s love for music and wine. The artistry and creativity required in music and winemaking complement each other perfectly. Smith’s ability to translate the harmonious melodies of music into the rich flavors and aromas of his wines is a testament to his unique talent and passion. Bump City Wine Co embodies this harmonious blend, creating an experience that resonates with both music and wine enthusiasts.

Roger Smith

A Visit to Bump City Wine Co’s Tasting Room

Location and operating hours of the Tasting Room

Bump City Wine Co’s Tasting Room is located at 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg, CA. The Tasting Room allows visitors to savor the exceptional wines produced by Bump City Wine Co in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Operating hours may vary, so it’s best to check their website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

The unique tasting experience offered by Bump City Wine Co

Visiting Bump City Wine Co’s Tasting Room promises a unique and unforgettable experience. With knowledgeable staff who guide you through each tasting, you’ll gain insights into the craftsmanship and artistry behind each wine. The Tasting Room provides the perfect setting to explore, appreciate, and celebrate the smooth melodies of Bump City wines.

A look at their special events

Throughout the year, Bump City Wine Co hosts special events that offer guests an immersive and engaging experience. From wine release parties to live music performances, these events showcase the synergy between music and wine at the heart of Bump City Wine Co. Attending these events allows you to be a part of the vibrant Bump City Wine Co community and celebrate the harmony of music and wine.

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The Road Ahead for Bump City Wine Co

The current status and future vision of Bump City Wine Co

Bump City Wine Co has come a long way since its inception, and its future is filled with promise and excitement. The company continues to grow and innovate, fueled by its passion for music, wine, and community. Bump City Wine Co’s commitment to crafting exceptional wines and celebrating the harmonious blend of music and wine sets the stage for a bright future.

Reflections on the journey so far

As Bump City Wine Co. reflects on its journey so far, it acknowledges the invaluable support and love from its loyal customers and community. Their success is a testament to the shared appreciation for the magic that happens when music and wine come together. Bump City Wine Co is grateful for the experiences, connections, and memories created along the way.

Plans and expectations for the future of Bump City Wine Co

Looking ahead, Bump City Wine Co. has ambitious plans to expand its offerings further and reach. They aim to continue innovating and creating exceptional wines while staying true to their core values. Bump City Wine Co. is excited to share its passion for music and wine with a growing audience, inviting more people to join its vibrant and inclusive community.

In conclusion, Bump City Wine Co is more than just a wine company. It is a celebration of music, wine, and friendship. Founded by Roger Smith, a talented musician and passionate winemaker, Bump City Wine Co embodies the harmonious blend of these passions. With their exceptional wines, dedication to quality, and vibrant community, Bump City Wine Co invites everyone to experience the smooth melodies and rich flavors their wines offer. Cheers to the journey of Bump City Wine Co and the exciting road ahead!

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